Buy cheap cigarettes online-2022 is the best way to save money on smokes these days. While smoking is not the healthiest habit, over a billion people smoke world-wide.

If you plan to keep smoke, taking a few simple steps can save you money which would otherwise go up in smoke.

Buy a carton at a time

If you like going to your local convenience store and buying a pack, you might as well buy a carton. Most stores will give you a discount on buying by the carton instead of by the pack. This discount can range from a few bucks to $20 or more depending on the store and brand you buy. Not to mention you won’t be running out to the store as often, so you won’t be temped to buy other things at the store you simply don’t need.

Shop smart

Just like when you go shopping for a new phone or groceries, you want to compare prices. Some convenience stores or specialty smoke shops will have better prices than supermarkets or gas stations. It’s always a good idea to shop around and find the best price so you can save.

Buy duty-free when you have the chance

When you go on vacation or fly on a business trip and have a chance to buy duty-free, take advantage of being able to buy tax free. Most of the cost of cigarettes is related to taxes so you will be able to get huge savings buying at a duty-free store. Note most countries have limits on how many cartons you can enter with so make sure you check the limit before you buy.

Be aware of different prices in different areas

If you travel to a different state (in the US), you may be able to save. For instance, if you live in New York City and you’re paying over $14 a pack, it might be advantageous for you to buy a few cartons next time you’re in New Jersey so you can pay around $8 per pack. Every state (and country) has varying taxes on cigarettes which can greatly increase (or decrease) your cost per pack. Being aware of the differing taxes in your surrounding area or area your traveling in can end up helping you save big.

Order online

With the rise of E-Commerce, more and more people buy cheap cigarettes online, Cigarettes are no exception. With low prices and discounts, this may be the best option for you. Websites are always running sales. The savings online are huge with some premium brands like Winston going for around $30 – $40 per carton (10 packs, 200 cigarettes). Now compare that to costs at your local store and you may be looking at a savings of 20 – 50% or more.

Start rolling your own cigarettes

With the rising cost of pre-rolled cigarettes, many people are moving over to rolling tobacco. While this will not be the solution everyone is looking for, the savings are big. By rolling your own cigarettes, you can cut your smoking costs in half or more in some cases. You can find great deals on rolling tobacco online. You can also find great deals at local convenience stores and specialty smoke shops.

 This will not be the best choice for everyone as the taste of rolling tobacco is different then pre-rolled cigarettes and it will take some time to get used to the change, but the savings will be big.

Buy generic

Everyone knows the big brands like Winston and Camel but are not aware of other less expensive generic brands. Some of these generic brands are of the same quality as some of the big brands but, a fraction of the cost. This is a good option for someone who doesn’t mind moving to a less known brand. Take a chance and buy cheap cigarettes online-2022, you may find that the difference between the generic brands and the big name brands are negligible and the price difference is really due to the brand name rather than taste and quality.


If we are really being honest here, we have to say that the undisputed best way to save on cigarettes is to not smoke. By quitting you will not only improve your health but, you will save 100% of the cost. Now if you don’t want to quit and simply want to save some money on your smokes, try some of the previous tips to save your money from going up in smoke.


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