Canadian Classics

Canadian Classics is a Canadian brand of cigarettes, currently owned by Philip Morris International, and manufactured by its subsidiary Rothmans, Benson & Hedges


The top of the pack features either a text or picture warning in English or French, while the rest of the pack is left to the original manufacturer of the brand. It features the words “Canadian Classics”, a moose, the name of the manufacturer, the quantity of cigarettes in the pack (20 or 25 per pack) in both English and French, and various landscapes in the background. The old designs also featured the words “Additive free”, but those have been removed after claims by the Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada organisation. The lights (now known as Silver) were unique in that they originally featured various rotating scenes of nature as their pack designs.

As of November 2019, Canada introduced plain packaging for cigarette brands by removing all logos and designs. Packages are now brown with only warning labels and the brand name in small font.

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