wild hemp cigarette

wild hemp cigarette The Ultimate Guide to Wild Hemp Cigarettes: A Nicotine-Free Smoking Experience

wild hemp cigarette

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Wild Hemp Cigarettes

wild hemp cigarette

Firstly, Are you tired of the harmful effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes but still crave a smoking experience? Look no further than Wild Hemp’s Hempettes® – the perfect solution for those seeking a fascinating, enjoyable smoking experience without the addictive and intoxicating chemicals found in regular cigarettes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Wild Hemp Cigarettes, from their unique features to their benefits and usage.

What are Wild Hemp Cigarettes?

Secondly, Wild Hemp Cigarettes, also known as Hempettes®, are cigarette-styled pre-rolls made using CBD hemp flower instead of tobacco. These pre-rolled cigarettes provide a smokeable alternative to traditional cigarettes, offering a rich and aromatic flavor without the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine. Made entirely from legal-to-produce hemp flower sourced from Colorado and Oregon, Wild Hemp Cigarettes are legal in the United States.

The Benefits of Wild Hemp Cigarettes

1. Nicotine-Free Smoking Experience

Thirdly, One of the most significant advantages of Wild Hemp Cigarettes is that they contain zero nicotine. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which are highly addictive due to their nicotine content, Hempettes® offer a smoking experience without the addictive properties of nicotine. This makes Wild Hemp Cigarettes an excellent choice for those looking to break free from nicotine addiction or simply enjoy a tobacco-like smoking experience without the harmful effects.

2. High-Quality CBD Content

Fourthly, Each Hempette is packed with high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, providing the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. Wild Hemp uses the finest American-grown hemp flowers, ensuring that each pack of Hempettes® contains less than 0.3% THC. This ensures that you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without experiencing a “high” or intoxication.

3. Quick and Efficient Delivery of CBD

Lastly, Smoking hemp flower offers one of the quickest and most efficient methods of CBD consumption. When CBD is smoked, it is rapidly absorbed into the body through the lungs’ nerves, allowing for faster distribution throughout the body compared to other consumption methods like edibles or lotions. This makes Hempettes® an ideal choice for those seeking fast-acting relief or a more immediate CBD experience.

4. Natural Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes

Wild Hemp Cigarettes provide a natural alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are made from hemp flower, which closely resembles tobacco in appearance and even has a vaguely similar smell to cannabis. However, unlike tobacco cigarettes, Hempettes® do not contain any nicotine or harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes. This makes them a safer and healthier option for smokers who want to reduce their tobacco consumption or transition to a nicotine-free lifestyle.

What’s Inside a Hempette®?

When you open a pack of Wild Hemp Cigarettes, you’ll find the highest quality CBD-rich hemp flower. These hemp cigarettes are packed with 100% hemp material, including the hemp paper used for rolling. The CBD hemp flower used in Hempettes® has a golden brown or slightly green hue and contains no THC, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

Using Wild Hemp Cigarettes

1. Smoking Experience

Wild Hemp Cigarettes offer a smoking experience that closely replicates traditional cigarettes. Each pack contains 20 CBD cigarettes with filters, making them convenient and easy to use. Whether you’re a new smoker, a seasoned veteran, or someone who cares about their lungs, Hempettes® provide an exciting and thrilling smoking experience without addictive, intoxicating, or unnatural chemicals.

2. Dosage and Consumption

The CBD content in each Hempette varies depending on the brand and manufacturer. For example, Wild Hemp Cigarettes contain approximately 75+ mg of CBD per cigarette. The optimal dosage for each individual depends on their metabolism and desired effects. It is recommended to start with one Hempette at a time and gradually increase the dosage if needed.

3. Duration in the System

The duration of CBD staying in your system depends on several factors, including the total amount of CBD flower consumed, the frequency of consumption, and individual metabolism. While CBD can take two to five days to completely leave the system, it may take longer for frequent users or those consuming larger amounts of CBD. However, CBD is a legal substance in most states and will not show up on drug tests or cause a positive result.

4. Safety Considerations

Wild Hemp Cigarettes, like most CBD cigarettes, do not contain any nicotine or THC, making them safe alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, it is essential to note that smoking CBD can trigger certain underlying conditions, especially for individuals with asthma or respiratory issues. If you have any pre-existing health concerns, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using Hempettes® or any CBD products.

Where to Buy Wild Hemp Cigarettes

If you’re looking to purchase the best CBD cigarettes online, you can find Wild Hemp Cigarettes on the official Wild Hemp website. As a trusted CBD cigarette brand, Wild Hemp provides the highest quality hemp cigarettes made from pure CBD hemp flower. They offer a range of flavors and provide COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) for all their products, ensuring transparency and product quality. Enjoy the thrill of smoking the best Hempettes® and experience the benefits of CBD in a safe and legal manner.


Wild Hemp Cigarettes offer a fascinating and enjoyable smoking experience without the addictive and harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. With their nicotine-free composition and high-quality CBD content, Hempettes® provide a natural alternative for smokers looking to reduce their tobacco consumption or transition to a nicotine-free lifestyle. By choosing Wild Hemp Cigarettes, you can indulge in a smokeable CBD product that delivers all the benefits of CBD flower without the psychoactive effects. So why wait? Try Wild Hemp Cigarettes today and discover the wonders of a nicotine-free smoking experience!12



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