Buy Cartons of Cigarettes – Are There Different Carton Types? Yes, there are hard packs and soft packs. The most common type is hard packs, which are the typical cardboard packs you will find at a convenience store. Soft packs are less common but are more convenient in the moment because you don’t have to reseal and open them each time you want a cigarette. However, they break and damage easily, which is a major downside.

From a financial standpoint, they cost exactly the same. The only reason one might cost more than another is because of brand pricing or tobacco tax, which varies from state to state when you buy cartons of cigarettes in the US.

How Many Cigarettes Are In a Pack?

Maybe you’ve never opened a pack of cigarettes or you’ve opened up a million and never paid attention. Either way, you’ve landed on a blog post about how many cigarettes come in a pack. You might be interested because you’re trying to figure out what kind of value you’re getting for the cost, or maybe you want to know what kind of value packs exist out there (if there even are any where you live). 

The number of cigarettes in a pack depends on a couple of things. A basic pack of cigarettes comes with 20 cigarettes. However, in countries besides the United States, you may find other numbers in your pack.

In Canada, for example, an average pack comes with 25. In Australia, you can get packs of 26 or 30. Pack size is determined by government agencies that set a minimum and a maximum number of cigarettes per pack. In the United States, a pack of cigarettes can’t contain fewer than 20 cigarettes, which is the average.

In other countries, the exact number varies, but the minimum and maximum are still moderated. The main reason for this has to do with tobacco sales and rules regarding the quantity of tobacco that can be sold. So, before you head out to snag a new pack, whether you’re a diehard Marlboro fan or you keep it classic with Camels, read on to learn everything that you need to know about the costs associated with cigarettes and how many you can expect to get every time that you make a purchase

What Pack Volume Options Are There?

Besides a single pack of cigarettes, you can also buy value packs. These extra-large packs are otherwise known as a carton, which contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes, totaling 200 cigarettes.

In some European countries, like Germany, you can get cartons that come with 400 cigarettes. Until recently, you could get packs of 10 in places like the United Kingdom, but that has been banned since 2017.

This was due to stricter tobacco usage laws, which also banned the use of labels and branded packaging. Unless you’re a heavy smoker, there’s really no need to buy packs with such large quantities of cigarettes, anyway. 

What Are the Average Cost Per Pack Options?

A pack of cigarettes will cost you anywhere from $5 to $10, depending on where you buy them from and which brand you buy. Specialty tobacco stores will raise the prices of their products, while tobacco products sold in convenience stores have state tax added on them. 

Something to consider is how much money you’ll spend each year on cigarettes if you’re a daily smoker. Calculating this might also help you decide on which brands you buy when you choose to buy cartons of cigarettes online.

Tobacco products make for an expensive habit. For example, if you are a heavy smoker and smoke one pack (20 cigarettes) each day, then that means you smoke approximately seven packs a week. The average cost of a pack is $7, which means smoking a pack a day will cost you around $2,300 per year.

What’s the point of all this math? To calculate your pack-year (which calculates how many cigarettes you have smoked over time) and how much money smoking is costing you.

Over time, the number of cigarettes smoked overall in the United States has gone down. Every few years, the average number of cigarettes smoked by adults daily decreases little by little. Part of the reason this is decreasing is the growing popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes, which have replaced cigarettes for many people. However, with that said, there are still 38 million Americans who smoke cigarettes

Can You Roll Your Own Cigarettes?

Rolling your own cigarettes is fairly simple; it just requires a bit of practice. It can actually be more cost-effective, depending on the materials you buy and how often you actually smoke. Typically, though, rolling your own is much cheaper, especially with the high taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products purchased in a store.

To put it into perspective, the average pack of rolling papers comes with 50 papers and costs less than one pack of cigarettes. Some companies sell 50 rolling papers along with enough loose tobacco for around $18, which can easily save you several dollars if you smoke regularly. 

People also enjoy rolling their own cigarettes because they can customize the cigarette with the size, type of tobacco, and type of paper used. If you’re picky about what you smoke, then rolling your own cigarettes is a great option for you. Also, some people find it relaxing and will roll a few at a time to have on hand. 

You will need three materials to roll a cigarettes: loose tobacco, rolling papers, and filters. If it’s your first time, it will be helpful to watch some videos and tutorials on how to do it. Basically, you lay out the rolling paper, fill it with tobacco, lick the ends, and roll it up. However, there are much more detailed and specific instructions available with tips and tricks and will give you a step-by-step guide.  


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