Menthol cigarettes are banned in California. This article explains why this is the case. California, just like the rest of the United States, has strict rules on what types of cigarettes can be sold. So, why are Menthol cigarettes banned in California? The following blog will discuss the topic of menthol cigarettes.

Tobacco is a deadly addiction which many people try to quit. However, there are still many people who find it hard to quit and continue to smoke. One of the things that these addicted smokers try to do is switch to a menthol cigarette. However, because menthol cigarettes are banned in California, it does not help these smokers, and actually makes it more difficult for them. This blog will provide a definition of a menthol cigarette, why they are banned in California, and give you a simple way to quit your addiction.

Menthol cigarettes are banned in CA because public health officials believe they’re more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. This is because menthol cigarettes have more carcinogens and can cause some harsh side effects like irritation and nausea. Cigarettes are one of the leading killers in the US and banning menthol cigarettes can make a major dent in the number of people killed by tobacco.

Menthol cigarettes are banned in CA, but it’s not for any specific health reason. California does not ban any other cigarettes from being sold, so why did they ban menthol cigarettes? The Golden State believes that menthol cigarettes are marketed to children. It’s true– Menthol cigarettes are marketed to children. Menthol cigarettes are a bad choice for children because they might find it more appealing than other cigarettes.

There are many reasons why California has banned menthol cigarettes due to their ability to circumvent the new law. Smoking is a serious health risk and not only lessens the quality of life but increases health care costs, but what is somewhat confusing is why Menthol cigarettes are banned in California. Menthol cigarettes are not banned because they are more harmful than non-menthol cigarettes but because a few years ago, a study found that Menthol cigarettes may increase the odds of a smoker switching from tobacco cigarettes to menthol cigarettes.