305 Blue 100’s




305 Blue 100’s

305 cigarettes are manufactured by a company called the Dosal Tobacco Comany from Miami, Florida.
This is a brand that seems to be a local thing to Florida.

It seems a little humurous at first, because it seems like they are trying to create a name similarity between themselves and Doral, which does not exist.

The owner’s last name is Dosal, and that they have been manufacturing tobacco and cigar products for a very long time since they moved to the United States from Cuba.

So while 305 may be their first brand, this company is not new to the scene in any way. 305’s as a brand have apparently been around since about 2001, and were named after the Miami area code.

The cigarettes’ packaging — which features a waving flag and a silhouette of the United States — also proved timely, appealing to patriotic sensibilities after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. “It was a well-priced product and an attractive one with this label. Those factors were what made it sort of take off.”

Indeed. The success of 305’s has given Dosal between 12% and 14% of Florida’s cigarette market. Larger cigarette manufacturers, meanwhile, have watched their market share drop from around 97% presettlement to around 85%.

Even though this brand is not carried at a lot of the major retailers, they have become highly popular in Florida due to their extremely low price. You see people everywhere using this brand. You often have to ask for them specifically at local stores, because a lot of times they are not in stock on the regular cigarette racks, and are kept under the counter or in the cabinets in convenient stores.

The pricing is significantly lower than almost any other brand but are these 305’s worth it? I would recommend 305’s to anyone. It is simply worth every dime spent on purchasing it.


305 Blue 100’s


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