Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer cigarettes are produced by King Mountain Tobacco Co., a company incorporated by the Yakama Nation. Skydancer cigarettes are made by the Seneca-Cayuga tribe in Oklahoma.

Skydancer’s best described as a brand of their own. They have an Indian on the front standing reaching out above his head with an eagle flying above. Hand drawn artwork with detail that is more than the normal clip art which is what I have seen on other Native American packaging of cigarettes.

As far as the taste goes, it is a much stronger tobacco in the blend of these cigarettes. It is described as harsh and full bodied for a full strength blend. They say these are 100% additive free and somehow that may work for some people to believe. If it seems harsh and really strong, there probably isn’t much “premium” in them.

For everyone out there who has tried the Skydancer, you either like them or hate them. Any cigarette you try is really a smoker’s preference. Everyone has their own taste buds. The price is accomodative and they are known and popular all over the U.S.A.

Seneca cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Grand River Enterprises in Six Nations, Ontario, Canada. Seneca Cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, such as regular, menthol, menthol smooth, lights, ultra lights, non-filters, and a variety of options from kings to 100s, and a 120-size line. The regular flavor box features a distinctive red color, with a logo of a mountain range and a Seneca male with a Gustoweh headdress, which reflects traditional Seneca Culture.

Sky Dancer

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